About WAMF

Welcome to the community blog of the Winnipeg Attachment Minded Families (WAMF). Here is where we can let loose and write all about those things related to living life as an attached parent.

About us
WAMF is a Winnipeg parenting group specifically geared at Winnipeg area parents wishing to foster loving emotional connections with their children through things including (but not limited to) baby wearing, instinctive/intuitive responding, breastfeeding (or breastmilk feeding or loving alternative feeding), gentle guidance and round-the-clock peaceful parenting, to list but a few things.
Think WAMF might be the place for you? There are absolutely no prerequisites to be a member of this group save for a desire to be a responsive, connected parent.
This group is all about respect – respect for our children, respect for our partners, respect for our peers, respect for our members.

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If you are a local attachment minded parent, you can also get involved with our facebook group.  We have a diverse community of families active on our group Wall, which serves as our discussion forum: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_109269045805534&ap=1